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Radical Foods

Radical Foods is a newly established company with the main focus to import and distribute healthy food products in Scandinavia. Our mission is to become the biggest distributor of Eggcheese in Scandinavian market.
A few words about the founder
Living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me, so I’m very aware of what I eat. Protein is a cornerstone in every meal, but combining meat with carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta or bread makes it harder to digest and leaves you feeling tired and not so productive afterwards. Being open to new food experiences is key and that’s what led me to try Eggcheese myself. With it’s high protein content, it opens up for new culinary combinations, and is a perfect alternative for meat in traditional or  non-traditional kitchen.
You should feel energetic and satisfied after every meal and I believe Eggcheese can help you with that.
- Radka Venderova, founder of Radical Foods.
Radical Foods, Gammelvej 2B, Gadevang DK – 3400 Hilleroed VAT no. 34851972 Mob. (45) 25135786